This is the work of Craig Spenceley (that’s me), a freelance Shooting PD / Director & Producer who has worked for almost ten years creating corporates, branded content, documentaries, music promos and TV commercials.

Recent Tweets

  • Roger Deakins shooting the Blade Runner sequel? There goes my curmudgeonly reticence. Please take my money and feed my eyes / soul.
  • The advantage of filming interviews during the apocalypse is that the all-seasons weather can't touch us.. Except the sound of sodding hail.
  • Well, gosh, Twitter... I guess I'm going to have to spend this weekend watching Mad Max.
  • Oh dear. Chef's Table on Netflix has me in its delicious grasp. Each episode is fascinating, beautifully shot with phenomenal looking food.
  • New idea to spice this up. Party leaders are forced to live in No 10 completing tasks to help the country while being voted out one by one.