This is the work of Craig Spenceley (that’s me), a freelance Shooting PD / Director & Producer who has worked for almost ten years creating corporates, branded content, documentaries, music promos and TV commercials.

Recent Tweets

  • RT @rwnctbr: Sound Designer Ben Burtt deconstructs the Millennium Falcon’s Hyperdrive Malfunction
  • I discovered chicken skin salted chips last night thus proving time travel will not exist in my lifetime. I would have stopped myself.
  • Two completely different experiences but equally captivating. Great cinema. Now I want more. #CelluloidJunkie
  • This week I have watched both Nightcrawler and Interstellar. Both are likely to make it to the entirely-in-my-head top films of 2014 list.
  • Mexican dinner for one. I think I might have over done it...